Supermassive Black Hole


M84 Galaxy Super-Massive Black Hole

This Image was just released by NASA, taken by the imaging spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope. Their data reveals that this Black Hole is moving/rotating at a speed of 880,000 miles per hour and is located 26 light years from the center of the M84 galaxy.The size of this object, if you can call it an object since it does not have a measurable amount of mass, has a size of 300 million solar masses which means that you could fit 300 million stars the size of our sun inside of its outer boundary. The black hole is 50 million light years from Earth. M84 resides within the Virgo cluster of galaxies and relatively nearby is M87 galaxy which also has a super-massive black hole residing somewhat near its center.

These marvels of creation are truly included when the scriptures say that God is greatly glorified by his creation. The heavens  speak of the fact that not only do the Scriptures offer great evidence of the presence of a wonderful Creator but the creation itself  surpasses our ability to categorize the greatness of his splendor! Magnify The LORD and Glorify His Name.