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Supernova Remnant

This beautiful image from NASA and in particular the Chandra X-ray Observatory with optical data included from The Hubble Telescope. This star exploded and became a supernova a mere 330 years ago in Earth time. Cassiopeia A is seen in red, green and blue from x-ray data from Chandra and gold from the Hubble telescope. this supernova remnant is located in our Milky way Galaxy, about 11,000 light years away. This remnant has a superfluous core that is a neutron star that is extremely dense and if I remember correctly, if the neutron star continues to become more and more dense than it may indeed surpass it’s ability to remain stable and explode. This is getting beyond my knowledge base and should be researched further.

Supermassive Black Hole

NASA released  this single image of a super-massive black hole taken by the Imaging Spectrograph aboard the Hubble Telescope. It is located in the Virgo Cluster of galaxies and near the center of the M84 galaxy in particular. The black hole is large enough to fit 300 million of our suns within it, which is referred to as 300 million solar masses. Relatively near by in the M87 galaxy, there is another super-massive black hole . This amazing object is turning or spinning at the speed of 880,000 miles per hour!

In God‘s Word it says that the Heavens speak of the Glory of GOD and the Hubble telescope as well as the other types of telescopes in space and on earth likewise speak of His Magnificent Glory!