The Nountaineer

I would like to share my very unusual life and times as concisely as I can.  My mission is to share as much as possible of this life of mine, as truthfully as I can considering that my memory is fading due to age and other contributing factors. I have more to share than I have words to use to carry out this important task. I am not in any way a professional journalist so please bear with me, be as patient as  possible and I will learn as I struggle to inform you. My story is unlike any other that I have ever heard about, apart from the references to this “Spiritual Gift,”  the gift of  “Spiritual Discernment” that the Bible mentions briefly. This makes my struggle to understand, one that is profoundly unique apart from the understanding that The Spirit of God himself enables me to impart to you. We will in a way, learn together, God willing!

I started by opening my first blog or space on Windows live Spaces. I did this because I needed a way to chronicle a series of events that basically began in a big way at the age of 30 . My memory was fading and in 2009,  in about June , I began to write what began 25 years earlier. I also chose this method because I discovered that you could open a blog for free and either keep it private or share it with the world. I started with the personal option because my story is so very personal and so difficult to understand or even believe. I then somewhat later decided that even though revealing my story would likely bring scorn and disbelief, It was important enough to take the risk and share with the world that God is Real, Actively involved in people’s lives, and interested in having a “Personal Relationship” with His Creation!

I am a Bible Believing Christian and need to do whatever is necessary to please my Creator! I believe that writing about God and writing about the miraculous events that He performed in my  life needed to be shared with anyone who would be willing to read about it!  So here I am, writing about the Miraculous , Supernatural World and all that goes with it as revealed to me including the “Spirit World” which God has allowed me to witness and have personal experiences with! Do I understand what has been happening to me? The answer is NO! This is very different from the normal visual world that we all grew up with. I spent much of my adult years before the age of 30, very much in the dark about the spiritual experiences that I had endured, beginning at the age of 18. I have written elsewhere about what happened beginning at the age of 18 so I will not spend time here on that subject.

I hope that the readers of my blogs will do so with an open mind and consider that what I say at least has some merit and is worth considering. You should at the very least study the Bible diligently  seeking the truths that it contains and then also consider all that I have written which corresponds with Biblical truths and are comparable to what I have written. It is worth the effort. Your “Eternal Soul’ depends upon it!

The blogs that contains the most posts are :  and  I have other Blogger and WordPress blogs as well that are worth reading. You are welcome to email me for more information if you are interested or just subscribe to them.