An Old Prospector and Man of The Mountains             
                                                                                           The Nountaineer
 In a certain sense, we are given choices that determine our eternal course in this life. Jesus described these choices as between two paths that take us through either a “straight and narrow gate” or a “wide path” that leads to eternal destruction, and many go there. This is to many today somewhat of a simplified set of choices that seem to be somewhat outdated or even unrealistic. I can assure you that to those of you who doubt that life can be so simple as having these two decisions but it is as true today as it was in Jesus day! We can make the decision to reject the God of the Bible and live that very Godless life which consists of self-gratification and basic selfishness. These people try to do good things to try to satisfy their conscience and do it in the sight of others so that those acquaintances or so-called friends will think well of them but they are still empty inside afterwords when all is said and done, but they never really find true satisfaction, it is only when these people give up their efforts to find satisfaction in anything other than God Himself! They must fill that empty spot in their soul, that God shaped area that only God can fill and then and only then will they start to find true peace and fulfillment. This is the straight and narrow gate that leads to eternal life! It is a narrow path because our choices are limited yet well-defined by the maker of all things and He and only He has the right to say what is good in His eyes and we must obey! The thing to remember is that God truly loves us and only wants that which is best for us so we must give our will to him and simply “Trust”. Since He created us then he absolutely knows what is best! So then, will you surrender your choices to his guidance and simply trust Him? The narrow path is the best path for both you and I! Jesus said to His disciples “Follow Me” and we must do the same I have chosen to follow Him and my life has not been the same! I gave Him the title-deed to my life which he already owned but since he has given us free will, we must make the decision to allow Him to take control of our lives and He will do that which is best for our lives since He knows the future!

Will you consider how well you have done with you in control of your life? Now consider that the Creator of the universe knows how to do it better, much better! Give Him a chance before it is too late! Our days are numbered and He is the only one who knows how much longer we have to make that very important decision and we do not! Once we die then our last chance is gone for ever! We are given plenty of evidence in the creation itself to know that He exists. The knowledge of Him is built into us but sometime during childhood, our society manages to put enough doubt into us to cause us to procrastinate and even deny that He exists. Very few people these days have the courage to actually act on what their inner being as well as all of creation is telling them. They would prefer to live without any restraints and refuse to give-up their “sin”. To admit that there is a Creator as well as a judge and lawmaker would put a crimp into their style and their sin is more important to them than anything else.

 Later we die without making that very important decision and then you are without hope because your life is gone for ever! God’s Son paid an incredibly high price to pay for your sins and it is offered as a free gift! Yes I said free. He is offering the gift of eternal life but you must receive it. Please consider that “Straight and Narrow Gate”, while you still can! We have a God-given purpose in life but without Christ in your life, you will never find it, no matter how hard that you try! You do not know the day of your death! God has given you a lifetime of chances to turn your back on sin, repent of your sin and receive the only Salvation available to mankind. 

The Lord said that the hairs on our heads are even numbered and so are our days on this Earth numbered as well! This saying about the gates and paths are based on: Matthew 7:13 , from “The Living Word of God”. No other source has the answers to all the most important questions in this life. No other Book has within it the past, present and future laid out and explained in a way that not only makes sense but provides the proof of its claims built into it through “the prophets” and the prophetic psalms as well. The historicity of “The Scriptures” has been proven by archaeologists. The scientific facts that only God could have known at the time of the writing of the old testament have also provided a substantial amount of evidence concerning its validity! Won’t you please consider these things while you still have time?