An Old Prospector and Man of The Mountains

The Nountineer

I have spent my adult life struggling to manage all of the pain and suffering that arose for a variety of reasons in my life from childhood and am making progress. This outlet called blogging is also helpful because I have a great desire to share the extremely unusual events that I have seen and experienced. These things could even be called “Mind Boggling”. I have spent my adult life struggling to manage all of the pain and suffering that arose for a variety of reasons in my life from childhood and am making progress. This outlet called blogging is also helpful because I have a great desire to share my very unusual, even “Supernatural” life experiences and decades of study with the hope of helping other people learn to manage as well as correct their path in life spiritually as well as mentally, emotionally and help them to find the direction that we all truly need even though we may not be aware of those needs. My life has been a great struggle that has even driven me to not only consider suicide but attempt it as well!!! I intend to SHARE AS MUCH AS I CAN WITHOUT revealing too much. I was taking antidepressants as I recall and nothing seemed to work to alleviate my suffering and one day I saw my ex-wife who was responsible for all of this and that was a good part of the trigger that prompted me to swallow a couple of full bottles of strong pills and then went to sleep in my car outside of my mother’s house. You see, my mother played a big part in my decision to end it all at her house because she played a major role in my destruction, mentally emotionally as well as psychologically with the major role that my ex-wife contributed to together. It was similar to a tag team of hate!

For those of you who might be suffering difficulty, I must caution you to absolutely forget any ideas of harming yourself or anyone else! It is not worth the pain and sorrow that you will actually, not only cause yourself when you wake up in Hell but it will also not do anything to get even with those who have caused you all of the pain and suffering that you are experiencing! You will be the big loser, not them! Suicide is NEVER a Good choice even when you think that there is no other choice available! Give it some time and even ask GOD to help you through this difficult period of time!  God is the only answer but you must be patient because God works on His own timetable and not ours. These things eventually work themselves out if you will trust God! Give it some time and put your trust in God’s Son by “Faith Alone” and you will find “Eternal Life”!

Eternal life is worth the supposed inconveniences that a person might envision because the suffering of this Earth that most people will experience at some point in their lives does not even compare to the pleasures that Eternal Life” has to offer. Jesus died a horrible death as a substitute for our sins so that we might have forgiveness of sins, allowing us to become children of God, adopted into the family of God! “The Native Olive Tree” is representative of believing Israel and the believers by “Faith” in Jesus “The Messiah” are figuratively grafted into the Olive tree as wild branches or adopted into the “Family of  God” by adoption of sorts. God is gracious and loving, wanting all to repent and receive His Son!

I have a responsibility, given by God, to teach you what God has allowed me to learn about Him and a “Spiritual Gift” called “Discerning of Spirits” which has allowed me to see and recognize the spiritual condition of those who have come into my life. I have also been allowed to see the “Spiritual World”, including demons and Satan himself when I was younger. There is great evil actively working against the “Body of Christ”, which Christ is the “Head”. Nothing happens without the foreknowledge of God and the condition of the “Church” or “Body of Christ” in the western world and America in general, is in bad shape. The Church has become soft and “Worldly” and has turned from the great commission as was given by Christ before he ascended back into heaven. We in America have become soft and are not in the “Battle”, in a way that makes Satan concerned at all. We are not making many true converts and discipling them while directing them to a true Bible believing Church to be built-up in their new found faith. The great mistake that the Billy Graham evangelical association made during the early days of their crusades was to not provide the discipleship that they needed by being provided a nearby Bible believing congregation for the support that they desperately needed to provide that stability that a congregation provides!

My desire is to provide that basic teaching that helps to open the eyes of the lost who are seeking the “Truth” in a world that says: there is no truth and do what ever you want because your truth is your own and there is no such thing as  “Absolute Truth,” such as the Holy Living Word of God ” that truly provides all truth. Do not be deceived all who reject God’s truth will die in their sins and suffer in torment forever! Give God a chance by asking Him to reveal Himself to you, through Faith in Him for without Faith ,it is impossible to please God!